January 10, 2013

XTC-NYC is back

XTC-NYC is back. Please go to the new website - http://extremetuesdayclubnyc.wordpress.com/ - for more details.

February 2, 2009

February XTC's

XTC is happening this month tomorrow (Feb 3rd) and on Feb 17th. Hope to see you there!


January 18, 2009

The 2009 return of eXtreme Tuesday - Tuesday Jan 20th

This Tuesday, the 20th, will see the (triumphant!) return of XTC. We'll be meeting as usual at d.b.a. in the East village (details on this blog.)

Tuesday is of course the inauguration day of Barack Obama, so feel along to bring along your non-software friends to celebrate the day.

And finally, I've added a photo of myself to the XTC blog since I've heard people aren't always sure who to look out for. If any other XTC'ers would also like to have their mugshot up please let me know!

-- Mike

December 4, 2008

XTC-NYC on hiatus

Hi all,

XTC-NYC is currently having a break, and will be returning in the new year. We'll likely be meeting up Tuesday Jan 6th, so keep the evening free. Until then have a great holiday season and new year.


I can't make the 6th. Hopefully we'll manage the 20th.

August 5, 2008

August XTC's

eXtreme Tuesday is tonight for those that aren't in Toronto for Agile 2008, and in 2 weeks time (the 19th) . I'll be at d.b.a. tonight, but not in 2 weeks time, but don't let that stop anyone...

Advance notice - the first XTC of the fall (yikes, summer's nearly over already?) will be September 2nd, the day after Labor Day.

-- Mike

June 17, 2008

June, July eXtreme Tuesdays

After a late Spring hiatus, eXtreme Tuesday is back in the swing of things starting today (June 17th) and then next month on July 1st and 15th.

I may be a little late today (I'll tell you all about it over a beer...) but Ken Judy will at d.b.a. on time.

-- Mike

April 29, 2008

May eXtreme Tuesdays (with a Lean slant)

The 1st eXtreme Tuesday this month (May 6th) officially "isn't happening" (although that doesn't stop people going to d.b.a.) - instead I strongly recommend a special event the XP-NYC crew are putting on at the Google office where Mary & Tom Poppendieck will be speaking on lean development.

See here for signup details

XTC will be meeting on May 20th ... although I personally have a conflict that night so won't be around. Someone please pet the cat for me though.

-- Mike